When people with dementia are not very active, they fall into a downward spiral and increasingly lose capacities. The SilverFit Alois offers a very wide range of stimulating and relaxing activities for people with dementia. In this way they are motivated in a pleasant way to be physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally active. This not only keeps them fit longer, they are also happier.

Active, social and relaxed

The Alois is not only suitable for moving people physically and cognitively, but also offers activities that relax and bring people to rest. Partly because of this, the system is also suitable up to and including the third phase of dementia. Many of the activities also stimulate social interaction. Due to the right balance between being active, social interaction and rest, problem behavior and loneliness decrease and the independence and quality of life increases

Personal experience

In healthcare, the individual wishes, needs and interests of people with dementia are increasingly central. Because there is often a shortage of professionals and volunteers, it can be difficult to offer something for everyone. The great diversity of activities and the possibility to create a personal training palette for each individual resident make the Alois suitable for offering experience-oriented care.

Adding personal photos and videos offers an additional possibility to tailor the activities even more to the personal experience of each individual. For many people, the photos of their old hometown are a feast of recognition. Memories come loose and with it the emotions and the stories. The virtual tours of cities and tourist sites, music and videos of animals are also a reason for beautiful, meaningful moments where the residents once again have the feeling that they are taking part in the full life.

"Residents suddenly experience that they can still do anything and that gives a lot of confidence" - Activity supervisor

More visitors and family participation

While people with dementia are happier when there is a regular visit, it is often uncomfortable for family members because they do not know what to do during a visit. The activities of the SilverFit Alois are so much fun that many family members, including (grand) children, want to do it together with the elderly during the visit. With an introduction program, caregivers and family members can be involved from the start. The SilverFit Alois therefore attracts visitors, reducing loneliness and promoting the participation of family members. Visits seem to make more sense for family members and it becomes incredibly easy to have fun together.

"This thing offers a structure. I feel that I can do something meaningful with my mother again." - Family member

Contribution to the exercise policy

The Healthcare Inspectorate prescribes that care institutions must encourage exercise. Since 2015, every long-term care organization must have an active exercise policy. The SilverFit Alois can make a major contribution to stimulating the movement of people with dementia and reporting on it. The system is very accessible so that almost everyone, even if there are physical limitations, can start moving. By collecting the experiences of our customers, SilverFit has formulated the best practices. We share that knowledge and other tips with all our customers.

"My residents are no longer napping in their seats, but are talking to each other" - Carer

The use of the SilverFit Alois

The SilverFit Alois is mobile, so it can be used in different places for different purposes: in the living room, the activity room and the private room of a resident. The system is suitable for both daytime activities and for the exercise program in all departments. Thanks to the simple operation, volunteers, family members and friends can use it without any problems to undertake an activity together with the elderly. To ensure that residents enjoy the system as much as possible, SilverFit has an example of a plan to get everything out of the SilverFit Alois. You can also contact one of our employees for other tips.