There is strong scientific evidence that walking or cycling with virtual images leads to better results on cognitive tests and balance parameters, higher exercise adherence, quicker achievement of training goals; and in addition, people enjoy it much more. A lot of research has been done as well to the effects of virtual therapy for post-stroke survivors, research about the effects of virtual therapy for orthopedics though is still scarce. 

Scientific research

SilverFit is collaborating with a number of respected Dutch and international research institutes. One aspect of research we are focusing on is to further our understanding of virtual therapy: what is the difference between exercising with or without computer games? What are the most important aspects influencing patient motivation? How can virtual therapy be used for people living with dementia and what will be the effects? How effective is virtual therapy for orthopeadic rehabilitation? 

We invite interested researchers to contact us; we will gladly share our research calendar and increase our circle of collaborators. 

Graduate research

A diverse group of therapists target their PhD, Masters or Bachelors research to the impact of the SilverFit systems. We very much like to stay updated and are happy to participate on the research design. Are you interested to set up a graduation research or internship with us? We have a set of questions we would like to answer.

Presentation scientific background SilverFit

A presentation is available about the results of some of the graduate projects that have been performed.